Up and down the walls

I"ve been spending Ava's naps all week scraping the walls. There is the original plaster (a dirty cream-ish color), then a layer of new drywall mud (white), then a layer of primer (a dirty cream-ish color), then some of the adhesive paper (white) that is from the back of the wallpaper.

After about an hour or so, all those layers of dirty cream and white really start to blur together, not to mention the fact that I really do feel like I'm climbing the walls; I have to go up the ladder and spray DIF on the top part of the wall, come down the ladder and spray DIF on the bottom of the wall, go right back up the ladder and scrape what the DIF has loosened, and then go back down and scrape, etc. AHHHHHHHHHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's actually not really that bad, the wallpaper could have come off in coin-sized shreds, or we could have found 6 layers of wallpaper underneath, or some other equally horrifying sight! All in all, so far it's been one of our easiest projects.

I'm trying to get a coat of primer on today so we can hopefully start painting this weekend. I kind of forgot that Marvin has a tiny bit of electrical stuff to do, but I'm hoping that he'll be able to get the dusty bits out of the way so I can paint while he runs wires.

Maybe Tuesday I"ll have some "almost After" pictures to put up!

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