Weekend work

Sadly, I don't have any "almost after" pictures to post of the front room. It is almost all primed, though. I still need to prime the ceiling (probably two coats) and wipe down and prime the trim. The trim will get painted the same color as the kitchen trim (it's called "Pot of Cream") and the walls will be the same color as the living room (it's called "Lyndhurst Shady Grove").

Marvin made some progress on the electrical stuff. He put in two new outlets to accommodate for the computer and moving my sewing table, and he's re-wiring as much as he can reach from this area in the basement like he does on any project. Our hope is that eventually the whole house will be re-wired from that scary old fabric coated stuff.

Even though we were working, we did have a nice weekend. We managed to balance work with taking time out to play. Marvin camped in the backyard Saturday night with the boys, with a bonfire and s'mores, and Monday we went to a big annual flea market in the town next to ours, looking for a bookcase and comfy chair for the front room.

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4 Little Men & Twins May 27, 2008 at 7:51 PM  

how was the flea market? Did you find anything?


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