This Lady's Got an Attitude!

Today was just "one of those days". *sigh* Stop reading here if you don't want to feel depressed, or keep reading if you want to feel really good about the day you just had!

It began with me having the uncontrollable urge to go back to bed after I helped Marvin get out the door to work (he leaves at 6:45-ish). I did, but was pounced on too many times to count by my early-to-rise boys. Just as I finally drifted off, I heard "MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY!!!" from my daughter through the baby monitor. Up and at 'em, mom!

Ok, you know that toddler phase where if you look at them sideways, hand them the wrong sippy cup or cut the banana just a little too small they go ballistic? Ava's got talent in that area, right down to the shaking her head while screaming and walking backwards away from me. She performed that routine for me all morning right up till we walked out the door to go visit my friend Brittany.

Brittany is on bed rest, pregnant with twins *exciting!*, and I was hoping to do some dishes, laundry, etc. for her while our kids played. I began our visit by unloading Brittany's dishwasher. Ava began the visit by heading upstairs to check out the toilet. I found her a few minutes later trying to see how much toilet paper she could sink with her hands.

After cleaning her off and releasing her back into the wild, I re-loaded the dishwasher and headed upstairs with a load of laundry. Good thing I went up when I did; Ava had poured out two glasses of water on the floor in a bedroom and was in the process of dumping out a box of dried beans.

After cleaning up yet again, I decided to play "bed rest" with Brittany and sat down on the couch. Hearing what sounded like Benji and Ava screaming, I got back up and went to the stairs just in time to see Ava tumbling head over heels down from the top landing.

None of my kids have ever fallen down the stairs anywhere (home included), but this looked just as awful as I had imagined. I screamed as I was running towards her because for some idiotic reason I thought screaming would stop her from falling. I held her while she cried that weird trauma cry and frantically prayed and searched for her paci. In a few minutes, she was calm and off and running, with a medium sized lump and cut on the side of her head.

After fixing a somewhat scrappy lunch for 7 hungry mouths, we all went outside to let the kids play on the swing set. For some reason I wasn't being very attentive and let Ava walk right in front of a swiftly swinging 4 year old. Immobile, I watched in horror as his stiff, outstretched foot connected with her forehead and sent her tumbling once again. As I held her again while she cried, I could see a lump swelling on her forehead to match the one on the side.

Needless to say, I developed a pretty rotten attitude throughout the day, very apparent in the short comment I made to Brittany, "I suck!". Days like this make me feel like a total failure, I don't even know what my boys did all day except the many fights I had to break up. I did no house work; during Ava's nap I sat on the bed and ate a chocolate bar dipped in peanut butter.

I'm glad the Lord gives grace 'cause I had none of my own to hand out today! Here's to tomorrow, may it be safe, peaceful, and productive!

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My2Gs June 19, 2008 at 9:01 PM  

Even if you say you "suck." It sounds to me like you're a very good friend and mom too. Brittany is very blessed to have a friends like you. My mom has offered to come and help clean my house and do laundry (I work 40 hours a week, then come home to more work). I have a hard time allowing her to do that for me.....ugh...what to do!!

Faith Hope Love Mama June 20, 2008 at 10:23 AM  

Can I ask how you painted your ceiling after scraping it? Did you sand it, prime it, or just paint it? My hubby wants to paint the cabinets white also but I am so pooped out from this project the thought of painting cabinets has got me stressed. It would look nice though. We can't agree on a red color so I think we might go a tuscan yellow/ rustic look. It's all we can agree on. I am headed to the store today to pick out color samples. We'll see! Thanks for the advice. I covet it!
Speaking of Grace, I've had none of it lately myself. Some days are just like that and thank goodness for forgiveness. :)

Kate June 20, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

Oh man...yep....that's a pretty bad day. I'm so sorry you had it so rough! Thank goodness for chocolate. AND peanut butter. It helps. : )

4 Little Men & Twins June 20, 2008 at 9:09 PM  

Oh you so DON'T suck... we ALL have days like that. And besides I never heard your demon voice. ha! thanks for coming over... even though it was stressful. we'll try for a better outcome next time. :)


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