Tiny Feet

I'm totally, undeniably obsessed with shoes. Of all the things I can put on my body, shoes always fit. Always the same size, no such thing as "fat shoes", can't match the way a great pair of heels makes a gal feel!

I've always liked shopping for the boys shoes also, but look out retailers; momma has a girl now! I've spent all my designated computer time for the last two weeks (maybe more like two months?) scouring the web for the best and most darling shoes for Ava's precious size 7 feet.

I'll go to a website, check out all the toddler shoes, find a brand I like, Google it, look at more stores, find another brand, Google that one, etc. I've browsed for shoes in China, the UK, Ireland and I think maybe Sweden. I stopped window shopping overseas when I realized that most of the time I had to double the price to get a rough estimate of what they would cost in American dollars!

I'm newly fascinated with the idea of the Squeaky Shoe. It's a shoe with a tiny squeaker in the sole. It encourages kids to walk heel to toe (that's the only way the shoe will squeak) and it's a fabulous idea for keeping track of a less-than-placid toddler. I did sigh with relief when I read that the squeaker can be removed by an adult if necessary, though!

Since it's getting colder out and I think it's no longer appropriate for Ava to be perpetually barefoot, I'm cooperating with a self-imposed deadline (although I'm sure a couple of my friends would also like to stop hearing about toddler shoes) to have a pair ordered by the time I go to bed tonight. No, that doesn't mean I'll stay up till midnight...

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My2Gs September 25, 2008 at 3:10 PM  

I love shoes for Gracie too! I've been on the hunt for an awesome pair of brown boots...like mid calf :) And by the way, you need to email your goodwill locations girl *grin* The ones I have around here are all dirty and stink :p LOL

Faith Hope Love Mama September 25, 2008 at 4:02 PM  

I have a fondness for shoes also. I've found that since having kids their shoes have often been cuter than mine as I tend to spend more on them than me these days. Necessity though. Their feet keep growing. Someday I will have time and money to have cute feet again. :)

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