So far this week...

Home made pizza for dinner tonight; made from scratch crust. Not nutritious, but delicious!

Saw this friendly fellow on Sunday along with a variety of his counterparts. Benji and Ava were quite startled at the array of large, life-size teeth. Ava announced twice, "Let's get AWAY!"

We used almost all of our silverware today. The basket in the dishwasher is way too full. I wonder if they'll all be clean in the morning?

Benji wet his bed this week. I had to wash his comforter. Again.

The dog found and ate most of three poopy diapers. She kindly left the remains spread across most of the carpeted areas in the house. You know, so that I'd be sure to find it and clean it up for her.

We've had two Cub Scouts meetings and I've hosted our mom's group.

I made a costume that resembles Robert E. Lee for a Famous People event at school.

I'm behind on shipping three meeUp orders, but have no more orders to fill. Arrrrgh! More giveaways? More reviews? Gotta get this thing off the ground...

Ava is so darn cute. She ran up to Daddy tonight and said, "Guess what? Flairy Godmother said beautiful dress. Cindelella took a nap!" She's obsessed with Cinderella. "Mommy! Cindelella dance with pencils (the prince)!" I love that girl.

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Irene Joy February 25, 2009 at 9:10 PM  

ooooooooh the dog and the poopy diaper thing makes me livid! I HATE HATE HATE that. My dog usually gets banished to the back yard all day when she pulls that one.

Katy February 25, 2009 at 11:15 PM  

WOW! Great picture. That looks like fun - wish we had something like that close!

Uck - poopy diapers and puppies. I guess I can confess now that our puppy has a thing for the litter box. Gag.

Busy week for you there. What a great wife and mom and leader!

She sounds darn cute. Almost makes me wish we had one last baby - only if I could gaurantee a girl. Ohhhh - the memories of princess days!


Charity February 26, 2009 at 9:50 AM  

Who hasn't had the dog and the diaper experience? Yuck! So been there...

That dinosaur place looks really neat.

We had home made pizza night too, funny. Enjoy your day!

Faith Hope Love Mama February 26, 2009 at 11:51 AM  

Dogs are so not my thing and after reading that I'm sure I will never want another one again. Gross.

Ava sounds so cute. The princess phase is so fun. My girls both loved it. Mara still dresses up once in a while but my oldest is far past her pretty princess days. She won't even wear pink anymore.
Thanks for the encouragement and I feel much better with your o.k. to eat two boxes of gs cookies. I just keep saying Shelly said it's o.k. :)

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