I'm kinda new to the whole "Freecycle" thing.

The last time I posted something, it was my 1950's stove from my old kitchen that no one would buy. I got like 100 emails immediately and made the huge mistake of telling the first person that emailed me back she could have it.

Then, I read the next one and it was someone who really wanted it because it was vintage and cool, not just because she needed a free stove. That's who I wanted to give it to, and then my ever-present conscience kicked into high gear.

I stewed about it for a whole day and Marvin got so sick of hearing about it. He finally said, "Why don't you email Julie (the one I wanted to give it to) and ask her if she's getting rid of an old stove and if she'll give it to Lisa (the one who responded first)?"
What a fansastic idea! I ended up coordinating the drop off of Julie's old stove to Lisa and the pickup of my stove by Julie. It was, shall we say, MUCH more effort than I had bargained for, especially since I got nothin' out of it except more space in the garage.

Last night, a woman came to pick up a toy that I had posted. I went out to the porch to get it for her and it had vanished. I interrogated everyone in the house, including my mom who had just arrived 5 min. earlier, but to no avail. Mortified, I told the woman I was terribly sorry and if it turned up I'd email her.

I racked my brain for the answer to how something like that could just disappear into thin air. Finally I remembered that another woman had said she was coming to pick up a Boppy that I had listed, but I hadn't set it out yet.

On a whim, I emailed her and asked if she had possibly picked up the toy instead. Much to my surprise, she said yes, and that she was willing to come back and swap! Ok, seriously, who mistakes a Fisher Price toy for a Boppy nursing pillow! Either this woman is majorly sleep-deprived or she sent a man to get it who hadn't got a clue!!!

So, the swap is completed. Apparently it's not a good idea to place more than one item on one's porch at a time for pick up. Since I didn't learn my lesson, I have two things on my porch right now, but they're very clearly labled with neon green post-it notes. If the women get it wrong this time, I refuse to participate!

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Kate March 24, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

Wow Shelly...you've now convinced me to NEVER use Freecycle. And I SERIOUSLY hope this toy is that big block that plays the annoying songs that you've tried to give away to everyone in our mom's group. :)

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