Glass houses

~This is for my four closest friends~


My friends have built a house for me
They have given me strong walls and a roof and a floor
They have given me doors and windows that open to the most beautiful views,
and a mailbox that is never filled with junk
They have decorated my house with priceless treasures
They have surrounded my house with a top of the line security system


You are my walls, roof and floor
You keep me safe, grounded, and sheltered
You are the guardian of my innermost thoughts
I am free to be completely at home and myself when I'm in the rooms of our friendship
You made my spaces transparent, there is nothing unseen;
In that there is beauty and tranquility


You are my decorator,
You have filled my house with priceless treasures
You have given me the gift of eyes that see the beauty of the world like mine do
and share in my desire to create
loveliness, order, and health in all rooms
of my life
Like an orchid in a greenhouse, I thrive here


You are my doors and windows,
You have made my coming and going simple and meaningful
The doors you give me open easily and wide
and provide boundless opportunities
The windows you give me show me a sharper vision of my place here
You fill my mailbox with words of wisdom and clarity


You are my security system,
You keep me hemmed in with prayer and petition to Him who is omnipresent
You are a force to be reckoned with, you battle for me in an unseen arena
You are my watch against the thieves of reality and peace
You give me quiet strength to resist the unwanted.


The house my friends built is strong, but made of glass. In the context of true, intimate friendship, nothing is hidden, all is revealed. Trust is given transparently; the beauty of this house is exquisite
Thank you girls, for surrounding me with condition-less love and acceptance. Thank you for your listening ears, your strong shoulders, your indulgent smiles. My life is all the richer.


{Oh, and ladies, don't be catty- your names are in no particular order! *grin*}

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McSarah July 10, 2009 at 9:26 AM  

WOW, what a profound and beautiful description of where each friend resides. It is facinating to me that in our relationships everyone plays a particular role. Just like the body of Christ we all serve a function, that sounds sterile but add to it the beauty of what are as humans, individuals with our own giftings and personalities that contribute to a greater cause.... i'll stop now ; ) love you!

4 Little Men and Girly Twins July 12, 2009 at 11:58 AM  

that was BEAUTIFUL Shelly! I miss you so terribly..... I am so thankful to have your friendship. You are like the sister I never had. :)

missing you lots today... i'll give you a call when Grayson gets off the phone with alec. :)


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