Yesterday I saw...

A farmer's field at sparkling at dusk, as fireflies danced across the surface

My children experiencing jazz with their whole bodies, dancing crazily to the sounds of an outdoor band

My husband in a whole new light as he spent a large part of the morning doing something he hated because he loves me

My son grow 5 inches taller when he shouldered the new responsibilities I gave him in the kitchen with an air of childish maturity

A bit of hilarity as my daughter stripped naked, pooped in our backyard, and matter-of-factly rinsed her bottom in the sprinkler before we could blink an eye

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Tarrah July 13, 2009 at 3:42 PM  

Oh Shelly, that last one cracked me up. We lived out in the country when we were potty training Abriella and that is how we did it. But then one day she pooped in a park before we could do anything. OH what children will do, they are just so innocent :)

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