{I'd like to post a little daily journal this summer}

This morning we all woke early for a 9:30 appointment with our beloved holistic chiropractor, Dr. Jen, about 50 minutes away.  The appointments went well, I'm needing some B vitamins and thyroid support to stop the alarming amount of hair loss that's been occurring lately. Benji is still allergic to eggs, oats, wheat and dairy, but is still testing OK to eat corn. Whew! I'd like to procure a duck egg from someone and have her test that on him to see if he can eat those.

Afterward, we went to a nearby health food store so I could get our organic oats, organic popcorn (grains are VERY heavily sprayed with pesticides- a very important item to get organically if you need to pick and choose), goat yogurt, raw milk cheese, and raw honey for the honey/garlic cough medicine I make for the kids.

Then I dropped the kids off at my parent's house and went to Target (LOVE that store!) and Old Navy to finish up Ava's wardrobe for the summer.  Got some good deals, but would have preferred to find it all for 1/2 price at the Goodwill store! They just didn't have much for her this time.

Now we're home, it's after 6, and I have dinner cooking. Free range, organic chicken drumsticks, fresh organic baby salad greens, and strawberry shortcake (from scratch, of course!). Yum!

After dinner, we're going outside to start spreading the 45 bags of mulch we got last weekend for our playground area. Alec's birthday party is this weekend, and we'll have 8 WILD boys using it like  monkeys at the zoo!

~till tomorrow

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The Lazy Philosopher April 22, 2010 at 6:28 PM  

ooh!! would you mind sharing your cough medicine recipe? My mum makes one with honey that has a whole onion, whole orange, whole lemon...and something else. But I've never seen one with garlic.
I usually just roast some garlic and eat it separately from whatever cough remedy I'm taking.

Anonymous April 23, 2010 at 7:34 PM  

What are you taking for the thyroid? I am taking levothyroxine/syntrhoid but I really want to change to something natural like "armour".

What did your doctor recommeded?

And also, I want that cough recipe too :) Pleaseee?


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