Today was beautiful!  I started it by waking up even earlier (WaHOO!, I'm slowly working towards my goal of 6am) and doing a really great 40 min. cardio session on the treadmill.  At my chiro's yesterday, she said she was worried about stress fractures in my shins because I was continuing to have pain when I was running, so no more running for me for many months! *sigh* So I resigned myself to an extra long workout of power walking.  It was actually great and after about 10 min. of reminding myself not to run, I actually (sort of) enjoyed it.

Then we had our women's group at church. We have a couple sweet girls that babysit for us, so it's unadulterated adult time, with good teaching and prayer. It was great today, we were wrapping up our series on the power of words, and we all shared testimonies about encouragement.

I'm going to head up a team to remodel the three bathrooms at our church building, and so we had our preliminary meeting after group. That also went really well and I am totally psyched about turning our drab,dimly lit, stinky bathrooms into welcoming retreats!! High hopes for a lowly bathroom, right? Something involving re-claimed chandeliers!

Afterward, I had to lay on a chair in the backyard while the kids played because on came another headache. It lingered through a dose of Tylenol, a siesta in the sun, an impromptu visit from a friend and her kids, and it's threatening to stick around for our bible study tonight.

I did not have the productive day I had hoped, but it was a beautiful day nonetheless, filled with sunshine and Sonshine!

I'm off to snuggle with an ice pack!

~till tomorrow~

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Lucky April 23, 2010 at 7:55 PM  

Oh my gosh don't think I am being crazy...but should your titles be 4 (April) not 5 (May)? Like you need anything more to annoy you on top of the headache! Sorry if I'm wrong!

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