We sent Alec to kindergarten, first grade and second grade at our local public school. The first day of school was always a bit sad for us, but especially the FIRST first day of school! I cried like a broken fire hydrant that day (and so did my best friend, also dropping off her son, so I didn't feel so bad. Ha!).

Benji and Ava have never formally "been to school", consequently, I have only ever had one FIRST first day of school as a momma. That's fine by me. However, we have decided to enroll the kids in a one day a week co-op where they will be taking classes not taught by me.

Ava is taking a class called Story Stretchers where she will listen to a story, eat her lunch, and do a related activity with 7 other adorable preschoolers. Benji is taking a beginners science class, a Lego-based physics/engineering class and a gym class (that Ava is in also).

Now, this is technically NOT school, and I will be in the building supervising classes and participating (it is truly a co-op)...BUT...in my mind, it's still Benji and Ava's FIRST first day of school.

We'll be packing our lunches, packing backpacks (full of other school work to be completed during down time, and other activities), leaving bright and early (8:00am), and returning during the afternoon fade (2:00pm). While there won't be any teacher assigned homework, or parent teacher conferences, or curriculum night, or door-to-door fundraisers, there WILL be the moment where I send them through the door to be taught by someone else.

We're all looking forward to it, it's a great opportunity to make new friends and learn new things. The teachers are all parents of the students and share the same values that our family stands for. The classes are held in the church we used to attend, and the pastor is praying with us in the morning to kick off our school year.

The Lord has lead us here and provided, and we're grateful.

But...*sigh*...it's just one of those milestones...they're just a bit older...a bit more independent...and my arms are aching just a bit more for another little one...

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11arrows September 9, 2010 at 8:56 AM  

Oh how I wish we had opportunities like that here! I have thought about starting one, however very few people homeschool around here! VERY sad! Sounds like tons of fun and your kids will enjoy it and getting out for a day will be fun also! Enjoy! As for the little one, it will happen! :)

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