We thought it was a good idea...

and we still do..

It was really hard to get out the door that early
We had to wake nearly everyone up 
(with the exception of Ava who probably hardly slept all night because she was so excited)

I had burnt my two hot cereal pans the day before so we ended up eating
cold organic turkey hotdogs for breakfast
No one was very hungry!
I really wanted coffee
Everyone was cold

We made it there on time, despite a last minute crisis with Ava's shoes and the absolute necessity of band aids
Keeping Ava and Benji happy for two hours was a challenge
Alec loved Physics class 
and used his walkie talkie to find me afterwards even though he knew 
exactly where I was

At the door of her first class, Ava hugged me hard and said,
"Mommy, I'm your sugar-bean forever!"
I knew she was a bit scared but being very brave
That class lasted two hours
Afterward she threw a tantrum in the hallway and screamed, "i'm TIRED!!!!"
She looked very funny throwing the fit because she is so tall
I tried hard not to laugh

Benji looked completely bored in Science and had nothing to say about it later
He and Alec loved the LEGO engineering class and I loved their teacher
Ava quickly got over her tiredness and she and Benji had a blast in gym class
All of Alec's teachers gave him candy

Halfway through Benji's Science class I started a headache
By the end of the day it was a full-blown migraine
Once I get a migraine all I can do is go to bed with an ice pack for the rest of the day
It was only 2:00 when we got home

I like the idea of this and I liked how happy the kids were
next week needs to be easier 
(with no headache!)

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Rachel September 10, 2010 at 4:07 PM  

aawww..so glad to read about your experiences. We went to orientation today for our co-op that starts next week. We're all excited...hope I don't have to wake anyone, since ours starts at noon! Oh and I thought of you when my kids were calling it "school" today, since it's the first "school" they've had. They were even callling our vehicle a bus. It may be big...but it's not a bus and definitely not yellow :)

Hope next week goes a little smoother :)

Muthering Heights September 13, 2010 at 10:28 PM  

Wow...it sounds like quite the adventure!

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