Cosmic City Part Four

Due to the fact that I participated in no home maintenance activities yesterday, I felt a bit more capable as I loaded up the kids to make trek number four to church last night.

We were down from 13 kids to 8 in our group which made a huge difference (and I still had my two helpers) and all went well. I even got to sit and visit with a couple of friends during the snack portion of the evening. Marvin picked up Ava AND Benji this time though, because you could just see the tiredness in Benji's eyes. He was even too worn out to muster a single "poop head!" to his friend Noah.

Alec did have another melt down when we got home; not so much stomping, just lots of weeping and pleading to stay up even later (it was already 10:00!) and spend time with Daddy. I, on the other hand, was so tired I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head and I still had my cotton filled headache.

Again this morning another miraculous sleeping-in episode, and Ava played quietly and happily in her crib until she shouted, "MOMMY!" at 9:00 and startled me awake. I took it easy all morning, getting us ready slowly and dreading the impending trip to the grocery store with three weary children and an even wearier mommy. We finally left at around 11:30, when I should have been home already and putting Ava to bed. I worried that things would be a total disaster.

It actually went smoothly. We met my dad for lunch, did a return, bought a birthday present and a couple of other things at Target, and then I realized that it was so late that if I didn't skip the grocery store, Ava would be skipping her nap.

Ava's asleep now; I'm heading downstairs to do a load of laundry and a quick house work catch up from yesterday. We have a really busy weekend and the last thing I enjoy is a weekend mess on top of a week's mess to clean up on Monday! I'll post tomorrow how tonight went and I think I have some conclusions about my bad attitude. . .

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