It's been a while since I've done one of these...this one will be short because my lovely husband is waiting for me to socialize while the kids are watching a movie!!

This week I...

~three darling beaded necklaces for three darling little girls I know
~a fabulous ragg skirt for MY darling little girl
~cookies without two important ingredients, TWICE!
~lots of mistakes with prioritizing, and my laundry situation shows it!
~a big deal over the Garden of Eden Alec made on his own initiative with Legos (complete with Satan the serpent!)
~a Lego man chocolate cake for Benji's sixth birthday party

~Ava how to string beads
~Alec how to sew
~Benji how to read a new book

~to a new mom's group
~to a huge thrift store with a friend and got some terrific stuff, including my 4th thrifted Gap scarf! (yep, I have a little obsession with scarves)
~a little overboard with the chocolate consumption, assisted by the giant chocolate cake I made for Benji's birthday
~to the post office to mail a phone charger to a friend on a two week vacation who will desparately need said charger by the second week
~to the rec center to make a payment for the tap class that Ava will start taking next week
~to a friend's house for a nice afternoon of Nerf gun battles and warm cookies
~to another friend's house to drop off her car keys that I found hidden in my couch cushions
~to Awana with my boys and stayed because Benji is still too shy to go alone
~ will go to Alec's basketball game in the morning VERY early, too early for a Saturday, if you ask me!

~go to the grocery store like I planned
~follow my housekeeping list
~get a haircut like I wanted to
~see my parents
~spend much time alone (and awake!) with Marvin

~get our school list for this week mostly accomplished despite the two busy mornings
~stick to my guns and hop on the treadmill three times at 6:30am
~get excited about our upcoming trip, sans children, to Florida
~learn how to properly use a crimp bead and crimping pliers
~wish I had one of those Roomba robot thingys to vaccum for me
~watch the movie Shorts with my boys and laugh as much as they did
~listen to my kids playing all together and realize that I actually had an un-contrived moment to myself and feel sad about it

OK, guess that's not a very short week!  February will be nuts for us, Ava's starting tap classes and the boys are starting choir, in addition to basketball, Cub Scouts and Awana that we already do.  I'm also still hosting my mom's group from our old church and attending my new mom's group.  But that's all just for Febuary...I hope!

3 readers took time to leave a thought:

Muthering Heights January 29, 2010 at 10:51 PM  

Wow...you have been BUSY!!!

Laura January 30, 2010 at 4:11 PM  

Sounds to me like you DID alot!

Have a happy weekend.

Vaughn Family Chaos January 31, 2010 at 7:45 PM  

Trust me when I say that a Roomba iRobot would change your life....in an awesome way!!

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